• Your new website will be a Content Management System, utilizing a database, and template to control design. Your website can also be setup to allow you to add & edit content.   
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    Web Design

  • Brand Videos are the most effective method to drive traffic from Mobile Phones.  On Youtube, you can add Hot Links to your videos that drive traffic to your specified links & webpages. 
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    Video Production

  • ::cck::19::/cck::::introtext::Social Web Pages connect you with your target market, who use Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Youtube and other platforms, which are evolving and increasing membership, over time.::/introtext::::fulltext::::/fulltext::
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    Social Marketing

  • Order your content articles, blog posts, or video scripts.
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    Writing Content

Web Packages to Upgrade Your Web Presence

Your website package is defined by your specific requirements and needs. To engage viewers, your website has to adapt its design to desktop and mobile devices.  A basic website includes your Home Page, About You Page, Contact Page and Content Article Pages.  You will need content written, edited, images acquired and video produced.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is included to help maximize your website's Rank in Search Results.  Free social media advice is available. Customized training can be provided. The price can range from $500 to $2,500+.

Contact Peter for a free assessment of your needs. 

Free Website

You can have a free website, with free hosting and free default domain. Popular free website providers include Google, Wordpress, Wix, etc. You get a basic, professional website, with design limitations, that is secured and software-upgraded by your provider.  You need to set it up and provide the content.

Google is an excellent choice for a free website, which includes Google Analytics to monitor your website traffic. Your website can be integrated with your Google+ (social network) account, Gmail, Video Chat, 10GB Cloud Storage, Online Office Tools, etc., all free!  Google lets you use a custom domain name for your Google website at $10/year. Google has a low cost business program if you need greater online capacity. You can setup and design your website yourself, or hire Peter Feuersenger to do it for you.  You will be ready to post your content and attract a following. 

Entrepreneur Website

You can have a custom website with the features you need to engage your website visitors. Your website serves to pitch and explain your product/service, so that your visitors buy into you. Today, there is a growing trend for manufacturing-entrepreneurs to sell their products, directly to customers from their website, to retain the most revenue. This applies to inventors and self-publishers of books, music, movies and games.

Social Web Setup

A 4 hour coaching session, where I help you set up your Social Web Pages  (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Youtube, Blogger, etc).  This includes your custom images,titles, key information and important Links. Social Media Marketing ideas are provided free of charge.  Your web presence will be improved.  


Contact Peter to arrange an appointment.