Your Internet Presence

follow me128Strengthen Your Brand Presence Online

Create effective web pages to attract your audience. This includes your main website and social media pages, including Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, which are all free to join. 

Use the right key words for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 

Create well-designed content that clearly communicates your critical information.  Help people learn about your business, while making positive impressions of your Brand.


Become an Online Influencer


To effectively market your Products and Services on Social Networks, like Facebook and Twitter, you need to become an Online Influencer.

You must create Content to influence and establish your brand, a lesson  that helped save Taco Bell.

You are your brand. Build your brand with positive content over time, and this will not only build your follower base, but also flood Search Results with your positive content, acting as a barrier to incidents of negative content that may occur.

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Content is the Currency of Social Networking

old_create_video_user12moduleOnce you have yourself established on Social Networking sites, including Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, you need to market your content, to bring targeted traffic back to your website. These are people intrigued by your viral content, who want to see and know more.

The most effective viral content is video. Create content people will watch and want to share. When you upload your video, it is online forever, waiting for it's moment to explode into Social Consciousness, even years later. People can Google your video anytime, so it has the potential to reach many, whenever publicity, marketing, story and timing make it known.

Your digital content can also include slideshows, PDF documents, eBooks, content articles, photos, blogs, music, software, etc.  Content is any media information that can be shared.

Great content creates new fans, who subscribe to your social media pages. You can update your building subscriber base anytime, with new content, valuable insights, information and news, all relevant to your niche market.    Use your content to communicate your message and start a conversation.

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Statistics also show most site visitors will stay on a page 250% longer when there’s embedded media on the page.


Create a Conversation

conversation-optimizedA conversation is a very economical way to brand and market your business. It creates publicity, which is free.

To create a conversation about content on your website, use Facebook Plugins, to encourage viewers to "Like" it and comment about it. Your visitor's "Likes" and comments become posted to their friends on Facebook, who can then also join the conversation and comment, which further spreads the conversation to their friends, and so on. 

Great content has the potential to reach far, and many.  







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Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the foundation.   Without great SEO, your SEM fails.

TIP: Discover key words your competition uses in your universe.

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In December 2010, both Google and Bing confirmed that links shared through Facebook or Twitter have a direct effect on search engine rankings. But it’s not the quantity, but the quality of a tweet or share that has an impact on SEO rankings. Read more in Why the Search Marketing Industry Must Adapt or Perish.

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Use Facebook ads to reach a targeted audience. Facebook keeps their "500" million members data private, but uses this data to target Facebook ads at a relevant audience. 

Have your Facebook ad link to the landing page of your Facebook page, where you encourage visitors to "Like" your page. When they do, they become subscribed to your Facebook updates, on their Facebook homepage newsfeed. This is a great way to build a following you can communicate with! 

You can also link your Facebook ad to an external website, where you can sell your products and services, and encourage visitors to sign up to your email list, in exchange for the promise of great value.


website_benefits_youYour Website Benefits You

New customers find you online and your website is why people come back to you. Keep it updated! Repeat business matters.

With your website, you are open 24/7, in local, national and global markets. Being a small business is not a disadvantage. It's your website presentation that matters. Does it satisfy your target viewer's need for information and satisfaction?

Your website is also useful for employees, partners and suppliers, providing important information that is clearly communicated with text, images and video.