About Peter Feuersenger

Video Producer, Writer, Web Designer & Social Media Publisher

Peter organizes and presents your content, to best tell your story (message). 

Peter works as a Freelance Digital Agent, who creates websites, marketing-information videos, writes content, creates images & social media strategies, to achieve your communication objectives. He knows how to organize content to tell your story. He improves your Web Presence.  

Peter provides ideas. His experience, skills & positive attitude, make him a great problem solver, to get your job done on time and budget.  He provides friendly and professional service, and takes pride in your satisfaction.  Can Peter help you with your next project?

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Peter Feuersenger, B.A. (Film/TV)

Producer / Writer / Director / Cameraman / Editor

After graduating from the UBC Film Program, Peter produced business videos for over 6 years. After that, he worked in the Vancouver Film Industry. Over the years, Peter has been developing his own independent movie projects, to eventually self-produce and sell online. He's trained and experienced in all aspects of video production, including producing, screenwriting, directing, camera, lighting and editing.  He co-produced and directed two Investor Marketing Videos that received national awards; the ITVA Golden Maple for Growing Gold and the ITVA Bronze Oak for Rainy River, Ready to Roll.  With the growth of the Internet, Peter expanded into Web Design and Social Media Marketing. He currently works as a freelancer, available to work on your project. He knows how to communicate your key messages to your target audience.  He delivers high production values with limited budgets.

Producer - Peter brings a keen sense of time management, to ensure your project is delivered on schedule and budget.

Writer - Peter writes practical and creative video scripts, with a trained eye for directing and editing.  He contributes high-value ideas that communicate your message to your target audience. 

Director - Peter knows how to capture all footage-elements critical to telling your story.  He makes best use of existing light sources and location elements to capture the best shot possible. 

Cameraman - Peter is a skilled cameraman, experienced in a wide range of film and video cameras.  He knows how to light a shot to make it look best.

Editor - Peter studies your available video footage and creates a dynamic, effective story, to maximize emotion, associated to the telling of your message. 

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